Treat yourself to a relaxing break in the place you love. Discover a new living space. Experience Relax.

Fashion Line modules can be altered over time, according to evolving phases of life or business. Therefore, most interior elements, including walls, are prefabricated and, thus, very easily replaced. Moreover, the modules can be simply moved where you wish.

In the arms of comfort in as little as a few days

One of the main advantages of modular construction is speed. We are able to deliver completed Fashion Line Relax modules within a month of ordering.


Area: 22.5 m2|Dimensions: 1 module|7,5 × 3 m


Area: 36 m2|Dimensions: 2 modules|6 × 6 m 


Area: 54 m2|Dimensions: 3 modules|9 × 6 m

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